From cave paintings to wiki-poetry: Where are we now?

by lizzschumer

This week, we are thinking about where writing is headed. We are talking about the digital age, and what that means for writing. What that means for us. Think about the first time you read a story. Most likely, it was from a book. The old-fashioned, paper kind. But today’s children are often reading from iPad, Kindle or Nook screens. What will future bedtime stories look like?
The digital age has changed how we read, and it’s changing how we write, as well. In class, we read some examples of digital poetry, hypertext, intertext, kinetic poetry and animation poetry. These are just a few of the ways writers are playing with the challenges and luxuries of the Internet to create new things.

Read: This piece on digital storytelling

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Think: Where does your writing fit in, on the spectrum of the way we read and write today? If we think of a line between cave paintings and today, is your blog closer to the way digital poets are using language, or the way Gutenberg used it?

Write: A blog post of your choosing that integrates at least one image, at least two links and at least one multimedia of your choice, be that a video clip, a graph, chart or animation. Show you know how to use these things. Very shortly, all communication may depend on it.