Media mindfulness and you

by lizzschumer

This week, we’re talking about writing and mindfulness. It’s important to realize that none of us write in a vacuum, no matter what content we create. Bloggers, journalists, authors – we all have to be aware of what surrounds our content and what that means for us. The media world is changing, and fast. If you want to enter it, you must know where you’re coming from, the system you’re a part of, and how to enter the system, period.

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In order to exercise mindful creation, we must first exercise mindful consumption.

Think: Where do I get my content and what do I prefer to read? How do my content aggregation systems affect my creation?

Three types of systems:

– Direct engagement

– Search engine referrals

– Social media or “luck”

Think: What is my niche? How do I want readers to find my content?

Once you’ve figured out how your content aggregation affects your creation, you must also understand where your content “lives.” Who are your neighbors?

– Know what drives your creation

– Don’t be afraid to step out your front door

– Understand the market you’re entering (This is probably the hardest part)

– Know what you don’t know

– Consider the distance between where you are and where you want to be

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Write: This week, your blog entry should mention or introduce one of the “players” in your market. If you’re blogging about sports, talk about another sports blogger or site you read. If you’re writing a lifestyle blog, find and discuss another lifestyle blogger. You’ve got to know the field to play the game, so continue to demonstrate you understand where you fall.