What we talk about when we talk about writing

by lizzschumer

This week, we’re talking about writing. We’ve been talking about how to format it, how to integrate images and video into it, how to disseminate it, how to use it in different ways. This week, let’s think about writing itself.

Think: How do you use writing in your daily life? How do you want to use it in your career?

Read: Susan Sontag on Reading and Writing

Listen: Writers on Writing, the radio show.

Read: This excellent list of writing tips

What does your particular writing do? Read over some of your blog entries and think about the actual words you’re reading, how they’re put together, how your voice sounds. Read some of them out loud. Try some of the writing tips out on your next blog entry. See what that does to your writing. See what paying attention to the writing itself does to your blog.

Write: A writing-conscious blog entry. Your entry can be about writing, if you like, or you can follow the themes you’ve been writing about, in a conscious way. After this week, your voice should be apparent, as should your focus, your intent and your mantra. After this week, if you aren’t already, your entries should start putting what we’ve learned all together in a deliberate, apparent way.