Social media: Conscious usage and self-examination

by lizzschumer

What did you learn about engagement during this week’s group project? Put it to work on your blog, this week.

Think: How are you using your social media? After examining them in-depth together, hopefully you came to some insights about how different social media are different, similar, focused or could stand to be more so. Do you know of any celebrity, sports figure, artist, or friend who uses any one of them (or all of them) particularly well?

Write: This week, I’d like you to use your blog post to focus on one social media usage and how it works well or exemplifies one usage of the platform. Those of you with focused blogs, find a celebrity, other writer, or someone whose online presence mirrors your own, and blog about how well he or she uses social media. Those of you with personal blogs, you have a choice: write about your own use of social media and how it’s focused or needs improvement, or find someone whose social media philosophy you admire and post about him or her.

And for inspiration,

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