Group site plan project

by lizzschumer

Hello class members! For your reference, here are your groups:

Group 1: Erica, Nicole, Allina and Audrey

Group 2: Kristin, Matthew, Tyler and Hayley

Group 3: Nathan, Gabrielle, Lucas and Maura

Group 4: Anastaisha, Catherine, Tayler and Michael

Group 5: Deanna, Alanna, Jeremy, Ellynn and Donisha

Below is the rubric for the class.

If you’d like some inspiration for this week’s blog post, here is an interesting article on design.

Read: An article on Designer Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message,” a design theory that still affects how we make things look today.

Write: Two blog posts before you come back from break. That’s one per week, but post at will (I’m looking at you, Florida-bound people of whom I am very jealous!)

Group Site Plan

Due: In class March 25

Format: Hard copy, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins (for paper)

Header:                Names of group members



                               Number of pages

Length: As needed; minimum 1,500 words (for paper) Also include a site design in hard copy and a URL.

Point value: 100 points (per member)

From syllabus: Most websites are not planned and executed by one person. To learn how to work as a team to execute a well-designed, effective website, you will work with three of your classmates to create a new (or better) online presence for the business or organization of your choice. You may use on-campus organizations if you choose, or an existing business, but you must communicate with the representatives of that group to discern their goals, wants and needs for their site. Credit will be given for how well you execute those objectives, site design, writing quality and clarity of message.

Objectives: 25 points

Articulate your objectives for the site. What do you want it to accomplish? How do you want it to reach the intended audience? Objectives must be clearly listed AND demonstrated in your site plan. Make sure your intentions are clearly demonstrated and be able to back them up in your explanation paper that will accompany the design.

Site design: 25 points

You will design a website based on the design models we learned in class, and be able to both explain why you designed it the way you did and what that does for your website’s message. Be able to explain why your site looks the way it does and how you came to that decision, as a group. Talk about the color palette used, your menu/widget location, font, text size, images or multimedia and how the site design works for your chosen organization.

Writing: 25 points

Because this is a writing class, you must devise a mantra or brand message for your chosen organization or if it already has one, explain how and why it’s effective. Think about how brands are created and explain why you chose the message you did and how your site demonstrates that. Write an explanation of your business and its branding on your imaginary site, explain the product it distributes or its mission in operation and introduce your organization or business to the world. Credit will be given for clarity, persuasiveness and appropriate length.

Clarity of message: 25 points

Grammar, spelling, syntax and clarity count big for this project. In professional writing, you lose credibility for every mistake you make. If your site does not have proper grammar, spelling, syntax and word usage, your message fails. Don’t fail your client with a failure to proofread. Every spelling, grammar and syntax mistake will count against you, so proofread carefully.