What does design have to do with it?

by lizzschumer

This week, we’re looking at web design and how it can forward our products. As bloggers, right now, you are your product, or your words are. As we learn how to recognize good design vs. ineffective design, we can use that knowledge to improve our own sites and soon, improve others’ sites for them.

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Think: Am I utilizing these principles on my own blog?

A lot of design elements are things you may have never considered, such as the impact of color on your site’s efficacy, or things that may have bothered you before, but you never knew why. A lot of that is the impact of psychology on the efficacy of design.

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Think: How do my blog’s colors impact its readability?

This week, take a look at your blog’s design. Consider its colors, use of graphics and video, fonts and layout. Are you happy with the subliminal message your site is sending, or are you unintentionally broadcasting something to your readers?

Write: A blog post in keeping with the mantras we developed last week, but also spend some time thinking about how the design of your site impacts your site. When cruising the Internet this week, pay attention to how some of your favorite sites are designed. You may want to jot these down, for use in your next big project.