Who are you, online?

by lizzschumer

This week, we’re taking a good, hard look at our social media presences, our blogs and even what’s been said about us on the Internet to begin thinking about crafting an online presence. But what do we mean by crafting a presence? We all know those people (heck, some of us might be those people) who are perfectly perfect in every way online, the people who “humblebrag” all over the Interwebs about how amazing they and their awesome life are. This is not effective image crafting. This is being an annoying jerk. Because we don’t want to be annoying jerks:

Read: This excellent breakdown of what makes a bad Facebook post bad. You may know some of this already, but it’s still worth a read, and sometimes it’s funny. (Disclaimer: I think it’s funny. You have the right to disagree, but read it anywya).

Step one: Don’t be that guy (or girl).

Step two: Let’s think about how to think about our brands.

Read: This article about how to begin to curate yourself online. This is just one approach, and there are many others. You may have other ways of doing the same thing. But consider this one, anyway.

Think: How much of this am I already doing? Where am I in this process?

You may want to take a look at your own Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. while you’re reading these articles, so you can cross-reference the advice they’re offering with your own online practice. You may be further ahead (or behind) than you think you are.

Next, let’s think about how curating others’ content onto your blog or social media can help boost your content and, in turn, improve and/or strengthen your online brand.

Read: This discussion of how curating is helpful. Why link to other content? Because you can ride that wave, if you’re doing it effectively. Use your resources wisely.

Write: A blog post that utilizes some of these practices. Curate some information from another site (with proper credit, of course) and use it to boost your own content in a demonstrable way. This can and should include images, but link to other content, as well. Some of you are already doing this. For those of you who aren’t, now is the time to stretch your wings.¬† If your blog does not already have a catchphrase or mantra, now is the time to institute one. This blog post should directly relate to that mantra, and it should be obvious to the reader (and me) that you have given it some focused thought.