Print is dead: Considering media’s evolution

by lizzschumer

Is print dead? With the advent of the Internet, scholars and journalists alike (as well as those of us who cross-pollinate in both academia and the media world) have spent countless hours talking, writing, blogging and lamenting about the demise of the medium. But are we too fatalistic?

Some say newspapers and magazines are not long for this world, giving way to digital news sources and even social media. Others posit the medium simply has to evolve to survive. Still others say there will always be a place in the canon not only for newspapers and magazines, but television and radio news, which have suffered almost equal blows in the instant gratification culture the Internet has fostered. What do you think?

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Think:  How have you have interacted with print, throughout your own lives? Think about childhood books and magazines, how you grew up learning to read, and what role both print and digital media played in your own genesis. Think about what it has meant to your work, today.

Write: Write your second blog post reflecting on how print media has influenced you, so far. If your blog is about music, you may consider writing about how Rolling Stone, music bloggers or other sources got you into the music blogging world. If you’re blogging about fashion, you’ve got Vogue, Conde´ Nast in general, the advent of fashion bloggers as a real, valid source of trend spotting to reference. Sports bloggers, I give you Sports Illustrated, or maybe not. You tell me. Tell me, your readers, the world how print has formed you, or not, and what you think of how it will influence your blog content as you go forward. This post should be at least 500 words. Give it some meat.